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Here’s some photos of the four of us modelling yesterday.

I find myself grinning now that I get to see everything in full size. You’re all so beautiful.

Aww Fox you’re always so sweet to me.

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Here’s some photos of the four of us modelling yesterday.

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Have more photos of me.

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I changed my hair again. Whoops.

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Damon&Jeremy + journey

McVities latest chocolate digestives advert (x)

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Anonymous says: Stupid anon wasting time sending hate. Breakups are always hard to handdle and it does not concern anyone how you deal with it or feel about it.

Aww thank you anon. You’re very sweet.

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Anonymous says: Why would I "want" you to sound like a 13 year old? I just think you should grow up and stop acting like a brat because some guy dumped you

Its cute that you think I care about what you think I should be doing.


vintage blog

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Actually… I’m starting a new thing and rebelling against ridiculously high heels. It’s inhumane.

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