Morgan. 20. Scottish.
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I’m Morgan and to be honest I’m a sarcastic bitch, but people seem to like me?

Accent Challenge should any of you want to hear what I sound like.

I’m happy to talk to anyone, about anything. I am also happy to give any advice to anyone that needs it, be it on anon or not. If not then I’ll reply privately so please don’t hesitate in asking me anything.

Recoving self-harmer and often not good company or conversation. I will keep posts regarding this in my second blog or under a read more and tagged with “trigger warning: self harm” or “trigger warning: suicide”. Blacklist if you feel the need. These moods make me hard to deal with at times but I am getting better. Still shit company though.

I’m a book lover. 

I’m training to be a nurse and I’m currently in my third and final year.

I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect other people’s views. As long as you accept and respect me, then it doesn’t matter to me what god you believe in, if any. Same goes for sexuality and gender and race. Basically, I’m a decent human being that lets you feel and be who you want to be.

I try to not be judgemental because for years I was verbally abused by strangers in society for how I dressed and the music I listened to, but I’m human, so obviously I judge, I just try to let the person prove themselves to me before sticking to those judgements.

I have 3 pet cats. Shanzi, Zuri and Yuffie. I live with my mum. My dad lives in Dunfermline with my step mum and little brother.

I’m a fangirl for far too many things to list. The main ones are Fullmetal Alchemist, Game of Thrones, and The Vampire Diaries. Ridiculous amounts of musicians and bands, tv shows, movies, games and books. I’ll save you all the time and not go through them. Any questions, just ask.

I’m a writer of sorts. Fanfiction more recently, but I have done a few original pieces of fiction. Though I have frequent bouts of writer’s block.

You can find me on a number of other sites, I’ll give you links to them. My other blogs are listed in a tab in the sidebar.

My skype name is poisonedrazorblades. Feel free to add me. 
Here is a page with links to stuff that I often tag.
Here is a page with links to my other blogs.
Any other questions, feel free to ask me.